i can’t stand how on tumblr everybody has to be cheering you up and smiling all the time and being positive, it makes me wanna hurl. we are humans, humans are supposed to experience a lot of emotions. to only experience the positive ones and discard the negative ones altogether isn’t human at all. it’s as if all of you are pre-programmed androids who feed on happy bullshit. 

And that’s the match. Well done Miss Nikos, you should have no problem qualifying for the tournament.






my brain has too many tabs open

Most accurate thing ever

I can’t find the one that is playing that fucking song

This explains so much

internet = my brain

the answer to most of our problems

the idol anime life has taken over me, and there’s no going back. 

"Too bad. Don’t forget this."

sooyoung making me feel things 19/ 


Zuko:  We weren’t behind the bush. And I wouldn’t try firebending again. 


We are thrilled to announce Henry Rollins as the voice of the Book 3 main villain, Zaheer. Henry did a brilliant turn in this role, taking it very seriously from the get-go, going so far as to conduct an in-depth interview about the character, his background, and his motivations with Mike and me on the phone while he was on a spoken word tour––all before he even recorded his audition. If you aren’t familiar with Henry (likely because you were born in the ’90s or ’00s), he is a legendary punk singer, actor, speaker, activist, and radio DJ. He had a hilarious role in our buddy Kurt Mattila’s co-directorial debut, Lies & Alibis. We heard from Kurt back then how incredibly friendly Henry is and what a pleasure he is to work with, and he exceeded even that glowing report. Hearing Henry’s tales of his fearless travels around the world is a real treat. As Mike says, “He actually is The Most Interesting Man In The World.”

I knew his voice sounded very familiar to me! It’s kind of amazing that the man behind Zaheer’s voice is actually an ex-member of Black Flag.